A Video-Dance Installation
A video comprised of two projections

'Diptych' seeks to examine and explore various aspects involving The Human Body, Movement and Eroticism. I find it challenging to examine personal issues, feminism and intimacy, and to test them in different settings.

Focusing on the choreography designed for the camera and the choreography designed for the dancer, my belief is that body and camera can unite in motion and complement one another.

In a routine space, playtime creates a world – a new world where physical laws change and new laws, which could only exist in this space, are created, particularly in intermediate spaces.
Shelly's intention in this video, shot in the house where she grew up, was to document an ordinary place as she had experienced it as a child, but also from a mature, female retrospective: The older persona stubbornly tries to recreate a childhood experience, but this experience is charged with erotic dynamics that stimulate a sense of danger. The event takes place in two different and parallel dimensions. Will they ever meet?
The world of motion in which the character exists is a world of transitions between human, animal-like, and cosmic movements. The encounter between the character, whose human identity becomes blurred, and the man-made architecture, gives a special perspective to human existence.

Directing/editing by Shelly Renan-Kuris
Photography by Shelly Renan-Kuris and Limor Yitzhak
Choreography by Lianne Yaffe
Dancer - Lianne Yaffe
Soundtrack - Yaniv Kuris



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