A Direct on Film animation or Drawn on Film animation I created during my 3rd year in college back in 1998. The art form was left as an artifact in the history of film and animation so this was a chance to bring some life back into the style.

One starts with blank film stock or film leader and black film (already exposed and developed.)

On blank film I painted, stamped, and dyed the stock while the Exposed black 16mm stock I scratched, etched with acids, sanded, or punched the film.

Then I took the reels and ran it threw a projector that dropped it to Beta SP video tape. From their I took it into an Avid Composer that allowed me to take the video in Quicktime clips onto a 1 gig Jazz disk drive. The Quicktime was then broken down into individual .TGA image files. From there it took me a month in a computer lab on 10 Macs to produce the, now simple, CG effects.

The mandala effect near the end was something that I'd been trying to recreate for a while using other animation techniques but it all came together wonderfully.

Remember this was before CD burners, before mp3s, and visualization music players. Even though this piece received praise and my spot on the list of great abstract animators, today it hardly raises an eyebrow except by other abstract artists.

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