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“Alex, yet another angel I met on the Internet, loves and is fascinated by the nature as I do. She used to shoot wildlife and landscape with a tiny Samsung camcorder and used to capture similar imagery with a decent but tiny digital camera; and used to send the stuff that she felt was satisfactory to me. Each time she did, I almost always loved what she had created, and made a stills animation or a video, incorporating melodies that I was in love with at the time.

At fifty something, she still is as energetic as a bumblebee in the spring and walks about 7 Km to work every morning and walks back on a different route after work, in doing so, capturing more enchanting and highly creative imagery. She now happily works for an art gallery in the beautiful little town where she is quite contentedly live, Vaasa in Finland, one of the, unfortunately very few, most civilised and Godly-human inhabitations on earth. She paints for personal art exhibitions that she stages there time to time, makes beautiful rag dolls for sale locally and on the web and, as if all that isn’t enough on her plate, learns at a local training facility more IT skills and how to make videos!

This video tribute to my friend of the winged kind, Alexandra Tuominen, is a compilation of all the videos I made with her generous input in the early days of my learning how to make home videos on Windows Movie Maker.

I love making videos on Première, because that is what I live for, but there are occasions, more often than not, when making videos on Windows is a nightmare rather than an enjoyable experience, because of ceaseless codec errors, inefficiency of the operating system and its well known incompatibility with almost all Adobe™ products.

In this particular case however, I and PremièreBoy equally enjoyed every millisecond of it, proving to me once again that simple and uncomplicated, but elegant, videos are a great pleasure to make.

I am not saying for a single moment that the contents of this video are great creations, but there is something uniquely endearing, enchantingly beautiful and idyllically peaceful about them, which convinces me that “world is a beautiful place, but the only problem is people” as one of my greatest friends, Marcus Shields used to say. This was a guy who was categorised as an intellectually-pea-headed lad and was discarded as if he was a piece of turd, by a tyrannical, self-important and self-worshipping boss we used to work together for during a sadly forgettable and nightmarish episode of our largely wasted past.

Finally, Love to LeeviBoy, an angel God recently posted on earth and who is the star of these movies other than wildlife and nature: he naturally and intrinsically loves wildlife and nature as a whole without anyone training him to be so, and loves hugging and kissing trees. If more like Leevi is born everyday, people like me who are desperately concerned about our fast dwindling natural and landscape resources can die in peace with the comforting assurance that our beautifully unique planet is in good hands!”

Posted by
Anil Gonzal
For HappyFamily Spliffs™
‘recycle: opportunities are infinite’
August 2008

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