More experimentation with settings, today I shot some brief footage between rain storms in my mothers garden.

So far I had not used one of the features the HV30 is known for, Cine mode. All the following was shot in Cine mode, I have done no color correction and only added very basic edits, the score is also my second experiment with composing a score in GarageBand. I used manual focus and found it to be as good for close ups as I had found it to be earlier for some distance shots.

I am perplexed why my video looks as if I did not deinterlace, I did, I've tried a couple dozen variations in iMovie expert settings and I still get the jagged edges in the first clip of my mothers garden in which I'm moving which are very obvious. You can see it in other clips too.

I'm experimenting with JES Deinterlacer right now, and it does remove the jagged edges, though it returns the clip to about 236MB versus 40MB. Any suggestions for what I'm doing wrong? Is it just that JES Deinterlace is more robust than iMovie? Could I have some setting in my HV30 set in such a way that it won't deinterlace?

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