Up till now, everything I've done has been very much a session of tests and experimentation, but this is (I think) something I'm happy to call my first short film (and Cinéma Vérité at that).

Shot on location in the centre of Cambridge, UK, I managed to get several tiny visual vignettes of people's lives; some happy, some in love, some with problems. The stranger characters stand out (cities are wonderful for this) and the very last one is a homeless drug addict whose brain is completely addled, and who was kind enough just to allow me to film him totally unprompted, and which shows him befuddled and vulnerable (and I'm glad I gave him something for his time).

These people, like all of us I suppose, have a story and a life less ordinary than we would casually think; I hope that, in some small way, I've portrayed them with sensitivity and respect, and appreciate the opportunity I had to film them.

Shot on my Canon HG10, edited and colour graded in Sony Vegas.

Music: "Raindrops" by Louise Le Gry.

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