Almine is one of the most remarkable mystics of our time. For years she has traveled through many countries empowering thousands of individuals drawn to the simplicity and compassion of her teachings. In the wake of her selfless service, unspeakable miracles have followed, changing the lives of men and women forever.

After a lifetime of exploring the mystery of existence, with the freshness of one who has incarnated for the first time, Almine has traced a journey of deep mystical insights that leads to God realization. Standing in awe and humility before the splendor of the Infinite, she has mapped out the stepping-stones that have defined the path for humans to claim their God-hood.

In November of 2000, she disconnected from ego-identification while teaching a class in Texas, and for the following month, visions of the unknowable flooded her awareness as she sat in a state of physical shock. Any food put her into ecstatic states. Her journey since then has been one of learning to live in the physical, while functioning in eternal time, remaining self-aware, while losing self-identity.

Finding the road through the desolation of knowing that she is no one thing, to the bliss of realizing she is all things, Almine's basic message is universal and applies to any seeker of spiritual truth. In her presence, people experience unconditional love and healing.

People from all over the world flock to her door to experience her phenomenal healing abilities. Many describe her personal power as superhuman since it results in what the world would call a miracle: freeing people from cancer; removing years from their appearance; prompting the quick growth of a bypass artery. Yet she will quickly tell you that everyone is capable of creating so-called miracles since it is the natural state of all things when properly aligned with the divine will of Spirit.

Almine's book titled "A Life of Miracles: Mystical Keys to Ascension" lays the groundwork for others to learn how to shed their layers of social conditioning and remember that they are "a being as vast as the cosmos having a human experience". She states that the greatest secret ever kept is the identity of man. "We are powerful, creator Gods who have come from every comer of the galaxy to be on earth at this crucial time when mankind and the earth are ascending into a new energetic frequency...Your role in this is extraordinary, for you already have the answers to the seeming woes of this planet." She offers clarity on the current human condition and reveals how each of us, through our state of beingness, can affect changes that will impact all of mankind. She is a genuine, sincere, teacher who wishes to remind others that it is their birthright to live a life of mystery and miracles.

"It is not my intent to tell you what I can do. My intent is to show you what you can become. My greatest wish is for you to stand on my shoulders and fly."

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