On the release of the report "Rebuilding Neighborhoods, Restoring Health," a first of its kind report on the health impacts of foreclosures.

The report was "produced jointly with the Alameda County Public Health Department. The report found foreclosures have not only economic consequences, but create health problems for the people and families involved - and those effects can ripple throughout a community. In a survey of nearly 400 residents in two Oakland neighborhoods particularly hard hit by the foreclosure crisis, people undergoing foreclosure experience higher levels of stress and increased medical problems. Tenants living in buildings in foreclosure have similar problems." (California Reinvestment Coalition)

The Executive Summary begins stating, "The incidence of foreclosure in Oakland is not randomly assigned to neighborhoods. The neighborhoods that bear the burden of the poorest health outcomes are the same neighborhoods experiencing high foreclosure rates. These neighborhoods were targeted by predatory lenders who leveraged community bonds to spread outrageous financing schemes among Oakland’s low-income residents."

Speakers at the press conference included:
Ruben Briones, Deputy Chief of Staff, District 3, Board of Supervisors
Anthony Iton, Senior VP, The California Endowment
Sandra Witt, Deputy Director, Alameda County Public Health Dept.
Liana Molina, California Reinvestment Coalition
Andy Katz, East Bay Municipal Utility District Board
Sara Short, Housing Rights Committee
Joseph Ragazzo, Deputy Director, State Attorney General
Charlene Wedderburn, Justa Causa Board President

Link to report: cjjc.org/news/50-campaign-news/148-foreclosures-make-us-sick

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