Istra, Russia; Top promoter Dimitri Alexeyevich IVANOV and his team organised a special Open Air event 50 Km north of Moscow in a beautiful forest area. This was again a co-operation of ISKA RUSSIA and FKR – federation Kick boxing Russia.

More than 2.500 people ( and three bears ) seen an amazing 5 hour show with various live bands, Russian pop singers, charming dancing show of the Russian Showgirls and, and, and …

Beside the show program the fight card was also respectable. Eight fighters from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Hungary, Serbia, Uzbekistan and of course Russia fought in tournament system in Lowkick ( freestyle) , won by the Russian Champion.

The main fight was for the ISKA Full contact World title-64,50 Kg , Russian Champion Denis LUKASHOV challenged Egyptian Champion and number 1 ranked in ISKA AFRIKA ranking Mohamed ABD ELAZIZ.

The Egyptian was in very good shape and highly mobile with excellent kicking techniques. Lukashov as always attacked all the time, put a lot of pressure on the African fighter. Denis is known as excellent boxer and he won almost every round. In the 6th round the fight was over after a sweet spinning back kick to the stomach of Abd Elaziz, and referee Sergei MAYFAT had to count him out.

Although the victory of Lukashov was doubtless, Abd Elaziz was handicapped with a broken right thump from the third round. A possible re-match in Cairo is in negotiation.

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