A fake infomercial we made for VSO Ireland to recruit teachers. It worked, they got loads of applications. There's a case study up here for any nerd brains who are into that kinda thing: blinder.ie/downloads/VSOcaseStudy.pdf

Written and Directed by: Lorcan Finnegan & Steven Courtney
Producer: Brunella Cocchiglia
Chip: Paul Tylak
Lois: Sharyn Hayden
Stylist: Aisling Farinella
Makeup: Liz Byrne
Hair: Terry Ralph
Cameras: Steven Courtney and Brian Moore
Lighting: Brian Moore
Sound: Graham Newcombe
Production assistant: Patrick Dyar
Editor: David Blake
Graphics FX and grade: Lorcan Finnegan
Additional graphics: Brunella Cocchiglia
Sound mix and master: Fergal Davis @ Suite Studios

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