This is a collaboration video.
Edited various video formats in Final Cut Pro 6 on a Mac
Soundtrack Pro, Compressor

This piece was written for me by Jim McAuley or fiddle4u on youtube.
Now, Jim McAuley on Vimeo!
It is a wonderful honor to have a tune written with your name on it.
My Critters and I thank you Jim!

Who are those critters?
Critters that are pets:

Various call ducks that have lived with us over the years. The little yellow duckling is Lello. I give her credit here because she is lowest on the pecking order in the duck house so she should get top billing.

Rooster, the female cockatiel. She belongs to my husband, Jeff.

Beanie Boy, the parrotlet is my birdie.

Elizabeth Zurd, a leopard gecko that belongs to my son. Easiest pet to take care of, especially when he's off to college.

DeDe the mini Holland lop. She belongs to my other son but everyone loves her and Jeff takes the most care of her.

Kika the cat. The only non-exotic pet we've had. She lived to be 19.

The wild critters on this video represent only a small fraction of the animals seen on this property.
A crazy fox who wanted to eat my deck chair
Two baby deer who were fostered and released too close to people. They ended up getting moved to a more remote location.
Various wild deer families
Praying mantis.
and various other wild birdies like hummingbirds!

Originally posted to youtube on my channel /boombella.

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