Back in 2004, before Gmail popularized these features, TeamMail developed an e-mail prototype that includes real-time conversation, and task management into the inbox.

TeamMail users share documents and conversations all within the body of a single, dynamically updated email message. TeamMail users get less email, because all related conversations are channeled into the email they already have. In addition, they only have to look in a single place for any documents related to those shared tasks.

TeamMail was developed as a Capstone Project for the Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon. For more information, see the project website:

The TeamMail project was sponsored by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), and Managed by Frank Ludolph, who pioneered the user interface with the Apple Lisa:

The TeamMail team includes
Patrick Barry,
Scott Davidoff,
Cary Evans,
Evangeline Haughney,
Naotake Kakehi,

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