We are interested in the way people communicate, how they express their opinions and ideas.

Based on that, we want to offer a place (our own blog) to anybody who wants to say something about anything in any language. We love communication (and it's part of what we professionally do), so let's communicate...

The "rules" are:

- You can write about anything you want to. It can be a sentence or a larger text.
- We are not going to edit your text. It's YOUR opinion and not ours. There will be a legal text saying that...
- That means that those will be your words and we won't correct them or revisit the style.
- You can use the language you prefer (depending on the language we will need more days to post your text in the blog... We want to know what you are talking about... It's not censorship, it's knowledge).
- Write about anything, but with respect. That's the base of a good communication.
- Send us your text by email at welcome@thekeynow.com. By sending your text you are agreeing that we are going to publish it in our website.
- We will post your text as soon as we can (announcing it in our Twitter and Facebook accounts).

And that's all. That easy.

We invite you to get that idea, those words, off your chest.

Thanks and read you!



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