I made this film for my final project in Spring 2010 for USF Electronic Media course. I am a current student at USF Tampa, FL.

I wanted to try my hand at converting a comic book into live action film but I could not land the actors I needed for this movie (30 cast members). This was going to be filmed 1-2 weeks before finals so I can see why no one in the USF theater department could assist me.

After this set-back, I decided, with the advice of Professor Lawrence, to make it animated. I had to cut the film down to five minutes and cut the comic book down to a few pages. This was completed in 3 days time.

The entire creation was completed on my own.

Voice work:
Matthew Shiver as Archer, Unnamed Man, Kerry
Caroline Mockler as Unnamed Woman
Sam Bishop as Jamaladeen, Armstrong, Thug 1
Lynsworth Drigo as Thug 2
Michael Robinson as Thug 3

James Newton Howard "Vision"
Michael Jackson "Beat it"

Archer & Armstrong is a Valiant Entertainment creation

April 2010

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