A video I shot during my visit to the Voortrekker monument in Pretoria. I used a Canon HV-20. As you can see, I am not an experienced filmer, but atleast I learned alot now. I see I moved way too fast sometimes, and I should try to get myself stable before I start filming.

I used the 25P mode. The video is uploaded in 1280x720 WMV, with 3mbit/s average bitrate, and a peak bitrate of 5mbit/s. The bitrate is sometimes too low I see, but the encoding took so long that I can't be bothered to re-encode it again untill something has been changed to the video ;).

I hope I can find a way to correct my numerous mistakes in the video editor (Adobe premiere).

The music I used:

1. Transvaalse Volkslied (National anthem of the Transvaal)
2. Vrystaatse Volkslied (National anthem of the Orange Free State)
3. Pierre Retief - Achterkant die Blouberge
4. Van Wyk Broers - Ou Rypeerd

Enjoy, and please overlook my sometimes bad camerawork a bit ;).

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