Breanna and her family have had a hard time dealing with a condition in which her brain sends conflicting messages that leave her muscles locked in tension. Imagine the pain of a leg cramp: over your entire body.

Breanna has been treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and, though it has not changed the original problem, it has helped to keep her immune system strong.

When Breanna needed to have her beautiful hair shaved in preparation for surgery, her Dad said he would get his head shaved in support.

The Oxford HBOT Kids Foundation was proud to be a part of this loving gesture and helped to turn this into a successful fundraiser ''Buzz for Breanna." Money was raised to help the family deal with the incredible costs they face as they raise this beautiful daughter, who does need so much more than most children.

If you would like to know more about different ways that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help sustain good health, please call us.
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