Ken and Angela are a true eHarmony Success Story. They met 2 years ago through eHarmony and wanted to share their story with everyone at their wedding reception.

You see, Angela has always said they will be the next faces of eHarmony, but in the mean time they wanted to put together a fusion of spoof and reality that kept true to the authentic eHarmony commercials out there. They wanted to keep it as realistic looking as possible. So we worked through what that would look like and this is what we came up with.

Needless to say this love story was a hit at the reception and I think the real eHarmony might be getting a few more clients out of this. Heck if I wasn't married and didn't love my wife so much, I might even try it. Ha!

I hope they truly do get to be the next faces of eHarmony. They would be great!


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