23'/B&W/2006. Italy/Portugal.
written and directed: Jacopo Mario Gandolfi.
premiere: 27 September 2007, Cinemateca Portuguesa Lisboa.
Why Santapenna was in front of the ramparts that morning soon becomes clear: he was preparing a plan to attack and conquer the castle, but unfortunately on his own: it is during the daytime that he enters, like anybody else, from the main entrance. He visits every single part of it that is accessible and mistrusts the tourists’ harmless masks behind which the warriors now hide themselves. Here he meets his first obstacle: a woman. A girl, the guard’s daughter, with whom he falls in love so that he then proclaims himself an exile by choice and imprisons himself in one of the towers. After the first night of love, the girl graciously leaves him to his epic deeds. Soon after he hears the sacred words of the most anointed of the military, Saint George’s protection: it is with hamletic revelation that Santapenna understands the object of his assault.

cast: Carlos G Melo, Nico Rossignol, Nancy Santos, João Machado
cinematography: Eva Sauer/Niccoló Morgan Gandolfi
continuity/AD: Letizia Lomma
editing: Cosimo Terlizzi
assistant cameraman: Pedro Faro
sound: Carlos Conceição
production assistant: Fabienne Martinot, Raquel Morte, Maria do Sameiro André
second assistant cameraman: Cristiane Campos
microphone: Ruben Fernandez.
film: Kodak

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