A Matter of Principle is a seriocomic monologue/talking head written by James Cotter which has been adapted into a audiobook and read by the author. In all there are twelve chapters with this being the third.

A Matter of Principle tells the story of a solitary gardener who works for his local council tending to there various lawns and parks across the county. But after ten years loyal service, Clive Dundhill's little world crashes in on him as the officious Mr. Wexford, Clive's new boss, takes a keen interest in Clive's work and starts to monitor his every action. Mr. Wexford warns Clive that he might be out of a job as he has to make cuts to all non essential employees with Clive being top of the list. Clive refuses to budge as he feels its a matter of principle and that Mr. Wexford's got a personal vendetta against him and he won't be forced out for no reason so over the coming months Mr. Wexford spends his time monitoring Clive waiting for him to slip up and catch him out on a technically. Mr. Wexford eventually does and forces Clive out of his job but Clive keeps up a very British pretence that everything's ok when it is clearly not.


Written by
James Cotter

Read by
James Cotter

Script Editors
Denize Halfpenny, Bex Harvey, Ian Guy and Marc Peirson

Script Associates
The Slagg Brothers

Produced by Lone Mic Productions

For more information on the monologue visit jamescotter.co.uk/amatterofprinciple.htm

© James Cotter/Lone Mic Productions

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