The American Puppy Project Documentary is bookended by two powerful bitches. Callie, the Chocolate Labrador and Jackie Brown, the Pit Bull/American Bulldog. Both strong. Both weighing in at 85-90 lbs. Both Queens of their domains.

Since Michael Patton does not believe in unnecessary surgery, his dogs have always been intact. This can create a problem for approximately 8 days each year.

Female dogs come into heat approximately twice per year. Although the heat lasts about 21 days, it is only for a period of about 3-4 days towards the end of the heat, where things get crazy. This is when the Bitch is primed to mate, and when the male is driven crazy with desire.

This video shows both a male dog (Kwame Brown) as well as a female dog (aka a Bitch) acting as sexual predators. Jackie Brown must defend herself from Kwame Brown. Callie the Labrador abuses the hapless male Chow Chow Tai, who cannot perform because he has been neutered.

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