Location: Denver, Colorado + Red Rocks Park

Sometimes words that are spoken don't need a translation. They don't need to be put on paper or made to be understand, because the essence of the message is very clear. In Vietnamese culture, it is a tradition to have two ceremonies: One where the groom accepts the bride into the family, and the other where the bride's family does likewise.

Daniel + Uyen experienced their ancient tradition of honoring the ancestors, as well as a modern wedding at the breathtaking Mile High Station. Daniel shared the story of me how he was driving by one day and randomly met the owner, who was living in the building at the time trying to save money and pay the bills. He said he knew that he was going to get married there one day.

Flash forward, as Uyen and him are searching for wedding locations. Suddenly, as they were driving downtown Denver, Daniel saw the old brick building and immediately had an epiphany, they were going to get married there.

Other than the three ceremonies, we also covered many of the pre wedding/tea ceremonies such as the tailoring of the suit and the lapel and centerpieces being made. It was such a deep, rewarding experience that myself and our talented photographer/cinematographer Michael, made us grow in many ways as filmmakers and storytellers. Upon conclusion of our filming, we tried to come up with a score for this video, and had a particular song in mind.

However, one day I heard this soundtrack and was immediately struck by how the drums int he song closely matched the taiko drums played at their reception. From that, ideas started coming in, and the rest was history.

The day after session was pretty epic as well. Red Rocks is a stunning park where sandstone rock formations dominate the landscape. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a place where the musical legends come to play off the perfect natural acoustics. The coolest part about it? It's free to walk on the stage(when no concerts are happening)! Needless to say, the backdrop mixed with Daniel + Uyen went well!

Big shout out to Josh Gold for helping us out! Oh, and one more thing...adversity struck the day before the wedding when our 5D went out. Fortunately, we had a fleet of 7Ds and even a t2i to work with. The crop factor sort of changed the entire ballgame for us, but we adjusted well by changing our perceptions...and lens selection. =]

Lenses were the 11-16 Tokina f2.8, 16-35 f2.8, 24 f1.4, 50 Zeiss f1.4, 100mm f2.8 macro, and 135mm f2.

Produced by Fisheye Studio

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