The film is a very well know Italian Horror which I clipped and trimmed to match a piece of my ORIGINAL music. Have a listen!!

UNHINGED is a 22 minutes of music in 6 narrative pieces. It is inspired by old film scores in terms of structure, instrumentation and tone. The narrative itself is open to interpretation, but it is for the most part self-explanatory.

Each piece was composed as an accompaniment to a "scene" from UNHINGED, expressing either the scene content or it's particular story arc. There is a Main Theme piece which is the overture of the piece, what you would expect to hear over the opening or end titles of the film UNHINGED, and there are also pieces which explain events taking place during the course of the story.

There is no film, but the concept is that it will help you to imagine there is. Knowing well this genre of film and this genre of music, listeners can put together the pieces and imagine the film that it could be.

(UNHINGED is not yet available to download. We are currently working on artwork. Our goal is to make the UNHINGED EP available for free download within the next couple of months.)

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