Directed, Produced, Presented by Leah Borromeo
Edited by Katrin Maria Escay
Sound and Colour Grade by Moshe Ladanga
Executive Producer: Claire Lewis
Associate Producer: Robbie Jackson
When you bag a bargain, do you think about who’s paid for it? Leah Borromeo presents a 60-minute probe into the soft cotton of your pants, the pesticides used produce that cotton, and the people who perish for your pretty panties.

At its height, up to 26 Indian cotton farmers a day drank pesticides to kill themselves out of the debt they got into in order to farm. The country where 4 of the world's 10 richest people live is also 70% agrarian.

Journalist Leah Borromeo traveled to India and met with a suicide widow, a doctor at a local district hospital, farmers and workers along the cotton production chain and a 23-yr old man with a wife and two children who tried to kill himself over £800 he owed.

Armed with appalling stories from the bottom end of the fashion food chain, she goes to the UK high street. What do shoppers think about how clothes get on their backs? With knowledge about suicides and pesticides, what difference can one really make? Is this another poverty panacea laid on by the Guardian-reading classes? Where do rag trade priorities lie?
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