This week, we'll look at how Jesus redefined community. What does it look like to walk together in the light of His resurrection?

Early believers most likely walked away from family and community when they chose to follow The Way. The church would become their new family. This is true today because so many people grow up with no role models or healthy families. And because we are such a mobile society, some of us live far away from our biological families.

The typical Baptist church reaction to "new people" is "I don't know them. I already have a community." There's no place at the family table for new believers because no one will scoot over. Rethinking community means we create capacity in our lives to be open to new relationships. Our bloodline is the blood of Christ, not our family tree. So we allow Jesus to reconfigure who is "family" to us.

This week, welcome to your place at the table. Christ has made room for you here.

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