2011 Slingshot Surf Series.

The process: WVS Construction [Wood Veneer Sandwich]

We use a complex layering system combined with a use a superior epoxy resin. Old PU boards typically use polyester or standard epoxy resin. They are cheaper, because they are faster to manufacture. Unfortunately they are also super toxic and not very durable. We start with a super light weight EPS foam core, and then put on a 4 layers of light weight glass. We then bond all of this on a more dense layer of wood. The final layer is glass and superior epoxy resin layer. Along each step of the way we use vacuum bagging techniques to enhance the bonding strength. The final result is a proven light weight sandwich construction custom board that is more durable than then old PU boards. Slingshot I Bean Fusion Fin Box will be running standard on all surfboards for this year. This will enhance glass and fin connection and feel, help with durability and complete a rigid connection.

For further info please check slingshotsports.com

Special thanks to Jamy Donaldson for production support. Brave Dave for use of his outdoor studio.

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