I made this slide show because, when I searched for the song "The Gresford Disaster", I was amazed how little information there seemed to be on the internet about the disaster itself.

The audio (original is about 17 minutes - very haunting and does not include the song) plus many of the photos are from the Welsh National Grid for Learning site: ngfl-cymru.org.uk/vtc/ngfl/2007-08/drama/irf25_gresford/

Some (all?) of the music in the soundtrack was composed by Robert (Bob) Fox, Drama Teacher, then in Flintshire, North Wales.

Most of the other photos are from pages on the Wrexham website:

I think that there might also be a couple of images from this website:

I have also found, but not used here, a short BBC news story from a couple of years ago: "Mine disaster documents found - Historic documents uncovered by chance record the inquiry into the 1934 Gresford mining disaster" including an interview with possibly the last remaining survivor of the disaster:

I have never liked the song, "The Gresford Disaster". It is a bit too close too home and rather mixed up in my mind with Aberfan, which happened when I was at school in North Wales, and both events were rather terrifying as a child. That said, I have very happy memories of being a bell-ringer at Gresford church in my teens.

There are some other videos about The Gresford Disaster on YouTube, some with the "The Gresford Disaster" song as the soundtrack and with photos not included here. There does not seem to be anything on Vimeo.

This is the second version of the video I made - the first one, which is similar, is on YouTube here:

This is the first video "slideshow" I have made and I am aware that the quality is way below other Vimeo videos I have seen. Also, all the elements of the content are borrowed. Only the collage is mine.

I hope this video is moving and informative and more than a little bit terrifying, as it should be.

Update Feb 2012:
There is an excellent BBC Radio4 programme about "Gresford - The Miners' Hymn" in the Souls Music series:

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