"With outspread wings by favoring breezes swelled..."

Aboard the schooner Alabama, racing from Gloucester to Provincetown, Massachusetts in 20+ knot winds to defend the previous year's victory in the 2010 Fishermen's Cup event of the Great Provincetown Schooner Regatta -- 42 nautical miles with a rolling start and a skeleton crew.

Fortuna's lips parted in perceptible smile for the Alabama, and with the oak rod drawn, to me was granted both permission to board, and free reign on deck with the ultra-practical Canon 7D. Shot 2.5 hours of video through about 9 hours on deck. The sun got brighter, the sky got bluer, the UV filter got saltier, and the whales got closer, as did the destination of our long haul. Prelim on several whales spotted is that they were humpbacks, as a photo made clear the black/white wavy underside to a tail apparently fringed with barnacles. Likely they have been given names as well.

audio: Blissed by Jesus Jones

GPS-tracked course data:

It was a shame this year that so many schooners could not participate in the race, as many schedules were disrupted by the pass-through on 3 September of Hurricane Earl on his boomerang trajectory. In fact, the storm cleared the skies and provided beautiful winds for Labor Day weekend and several days following, but many boats under threat of high winds had to hunker down leading up to the Gloucester Schooner Festival weekend, and in the end simply were unable to grace the harbor and races with their sail-powered, wood-crafted glory.

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