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Sherwood Country Club Wedding Video Demo by Euro Star Productions.

The wedding video recap begins with a “picture in picture” technique we have implemented into many of our more elaborate photomontages. By using this method we were able to get strait to the bride getting ready while still showing off dozens of gorgeous frontal establishing shots of this beautiful venue.

To stay true to our “Surround the Senses” motto, we experimented with some waterfall and babbling brook sound effects that were segwayed from the crowd applause. Usually cutaways and segways are only visual, we instead tried using the sounds of the audience applause to segway to the very similar sound of rushing water at the photography site. The effect worked and almost seemed like nature was giving the newly married couple a round of applause.

The song “You Picked Me” was chosen based on how the photo session was choreographed and captured. Jennifer was filmed separate from Elwin. Then we introduced them together as though Elwin had just found Jen over the river and through the woods.

Weaved through out the music is very soft black borders that transition to white when the lyric “Then you picked me” were repeated.

The “You Picked Me” score also seemed to be a fitting theme since ESP was picked as their videographer only a few short weeks before the wedding, thus, I was very grateful they chose me. lol

Thank you and congratulations Elwin and Jennifer.

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