Blue Sea Lake, circa 1950. Times were a little simpler back then; but even though there wasn't much in the means of electricity it still was a favourite summer retreat for all of the cottagers in the inlet of Orlo. Much has changed in the 60 years since these videos were taken, most notably the "Back 40" is now a network of trails linked together by footprints, vehicle parts and of course, the unmistakable tread of dirt bike tires...

Filmed using the Canon HF100 and edited in Final Cut

Riders (In Order of Appearance)
Rob Quilty
Mike Quilty
Tomas Cormier
Josh Moylan
Geoff Williams
Brett Maveety
Steven Gorman-Lariviere
Mike Elias

Song: Kurt Kobain by KO
Freeride MX article:

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