I recommend downloading the original and watching at 1080p if you have a monitor that is full HD resolution.

A comparison video showing some clips filmed with both the Canon 7d and Panasonic GH1 with settings as closely matched as possible.

The GH1 has been hacked to film at 50mbit AVCHD.

Please don't take the test too seriously as it's just a quick comparison! What it does show is that the GH1 is capable of some very sharp, highly detailed footage. The 7d is very soft in comparison.

To read more about this please go to prolost.com/blog/2010/9/2/ha-ha-very-funny-canon-now-get-back-to-work.html

There are some comparison clips there that demonstrate the low detail capture of the 5dmkII. It might be outputting 1080p but that doesn't mean it's actually showing the full 1080p resolution!

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