Connecting the Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing of Youth

T. Tomás Alvarez III, Beats Rhymes & Life (CA/NYC),
Abdallah Ezekiel Rothman, Graffiti Art Therapy (DC),
Stephen Buddha Leafloor, Blueprint for Life (Canada)

Hip-hop nonprofits and individuals using hip-hop towards social change
encounter various degrees of emotional obstacles to overcome in their work with individuals and
8 families. But most organizations don’t have trained staff to work through these issues from a
clinical health point of view. What sets the above organizations apart from their counterparts in
the field are their intentional approaches to evaluating the emotional and physical development of
the demographic they are serving. Be Healthy will demonstrate how these three organizations have
worked through hip-hop to address youth development, and by extension, the development of
their families and communities.

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