In "WHOSE HANDS ARE THESE?" Gene tells his extraordinary story of how he went from an electrical contractor who didn't even believe in such things as healing to a healer that is so well respected that he is sought out all over the world by medical doctors, celebrities, political leaders and even royalty. He also shows the reader exactly how spiritual healing takes place and he recounts some of the most moving healing stories from some of the 500,000 people he has worked on in the past decade.

One such story comes to mind. Egidio, while on a healing mission several years ago in Russia, was traveling on a train. He shared a compartment with a man, a stranger. Instantly, he sensed that the man had a problem with the left side of his face. When asked, the man said it was true; that he had been hurt in the Chernobyl accident, and had since been living with extreme pain from radiation poisoning and cancer in the left side of his jaw. Both men went to sleep since it was night. However, Gene spent much of the evening sending healing energy to the man. In the morning, when the man woke up, he started shrieking in amazement. He said he, no longer felt the excruciating pain that he had lived with for so long, and he said the hole in his mouth was gone -- as if someone had sewn it up. He burst into tears and said that he had been a communist for 40 years and that this was the first time he knew there was a God.

There are dozens of heartwarming stories like this in the book. He also takes us through the process of how he became a spiritual healer, starting at the tender age of five, although his gift was actually present at birth. However, when he healed a neighbor's thumb that was hanging by a thread, his parents got frightened. They ended up putting Gene in a sanitarium, where he got shock treatments, which destroyed his gift. The book chronicles how he went on to live a normal life; went into the navy, got married, had four children, opened an electrical contracting company, etc.

Then it happened. His gift returned. The story of how it returned and how he kept resisting his extraordinary gift will keep readers glued to the book. The rest of the book chronicles how he made the transition from an electrical contractor to a world renown healer and details the incredible stories of healing that have taken place all over the world with all types of illnesses. Lastly, he explains how the whole spiritual healing process takes place and how miracles can occur for any of us.

Egidio spends most of his time healing others. He has two healing centers, one in Encinitas and one in Santa Monica. It is here that people come from all over to receive healing energy directly from his hands. He also travels frequently to other cities and countries to do his work. Sometimes on these trips he works on hundreds or thousands of people at once. During his first trip to Russia, he worked on over 4,000 people and on another visit, 8,000. For those that can't travel to see Gene in person he has one day a week set aside for phone healings -- and they are every bit as effective. People call Gene from just about every country in the world. People even send him photos. He has several walls set aside at his healing center in Encinitas, for photos that come in from all over the world. Gene says the healing energy he transmits can help a person even through a photograph.

Many people ask how he heals people, Gene's response is: "It's really a gift. The same way that some people are born with gifts to be great dancers, singers, athletes, scientists, etc. I was born with the gift of healing. The way that I heal is somewhat difficult for an American brought up with traditional medicine to understand. In the Soviet Union, there are quite a few people with gifts like I have.

They are called "sensitives". As common as the M.D. is to America is how common the "sensitive" is to the Soviet Union.

The energy Gene works with is used similarly to the way a martial arts master breaks bricks. He has a particular mastery of energy and uses it to break the brick. It is not done with force. It is simply a mastery of using energy for a particular purpose. As the laws of subatomic physics state, 'at the base of everything there is only energy'. Like the martial arts master, Gene use the energy that is at the base of everything. "My purpose is to heal with it."

Russia awarded him with the prestigious Cosmonaut Medal several years ago, which is similar to a Nobel Prize over there, for healing thousands of Chernobyl victims of cancer and radiation poisoning. It's only been given out twice in the last hundred years; first to former President Miterand of France and then to Egidio.

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