This was created by our in-house Animator, Drew Roper. Light House provided Drew with not only space to shoot but all the equipment such as lighting and technical help on hand whenever and wherever it was needed.

This is for a short pilot to tell the story of the history of denim whereby Johnny Roper, a foundry factory worker from the Black County, West Midlands, tells us HIS story of how he claims he is the creator!
His secret recipe for the great denim material was so true and unique that it was stole, and for many years too. Now, the recipe has been re-captured and improved by Johnny's ancestor, Luke Roper, claiming back whats is rightfully his,
giving the grafters of the world their well deserved luxury in life back, a cool pair of jeans.

An extremely entertaining, light hearted, slap-stick affair starring Mark Williams as the voice of Johnny and the authorised soundtrack "Same Jeans" (now LUKE Jeans") from The View.

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