For most American families, their home is their greatest asset. In recent years, the value of that asset has plummeted.

In 2007, the average American home sold for $262,000.

By 2010, that number had dropped to $204,000.

As Clinton Administration Housing Secretary, Andrew Cuomo was responsible for the legislation that caused the subprime mortgage mess, robbed millions of American families of billions in value, destroyed millions of jobs and dragged the American economy to a standstill.

If you want to know why your family is suffering in a poor economy, ex-Secretary Cuomo is the answer.

Right Time Radio urges you to elect Carl Paladino Governor of New York. Because we're mad, too.

Right Time Radio is not affiliated with Paladino for the People. This ad has not been approved by Carl Paladino or Paladino for the People.

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