Throughout this year, we're going to stop for what I call "Vision Sundays." Today is one of those mornings when we remember what we're about, what our goal is, and how we get there. The Apostle Paul described his goal in this way: "I want to know Christ and become like Him..."

When you see a great Elvis impersonator, you think you're actually watching Elvis. Then, the performer disappears. Early on, John the Baptist was mistaken for the Messiah. Paul was once thought to be a god. But, honestly, not many people confuse modern Christians with Christ. The goal of discipleship is to become like the Master-to spend so much time with Him that His thoughts become our thoughts and His mannerisms ours, so it's harder and harder to tell believers from their Lord.

This morning, we observe the Lord's Supper. If you're a believer, then you're invited to this table to remember. Let's remember that at that first "Last Supper" Jesus began the evening by saying, "I have set an example that you should follow. No servant is greater than his Master."

There's a difference between knowing about Christ and becoming like Him. Which is your goal?

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