Spring, 2008.
An exercise in film stock choice and on-screen color combinations for a cinematography course. Assignment obstructions: no use of tripod allowed, must shoot outdoors using daylight, must portray a stalking or a chase, no recorded sound, must use a single 100ft roll of film of your choice. This was also an experiment in DIY split screen, for me.

Shot with 16mm color negative film: Fuji EternaVivid 160T (8643), pushed one stop, and color corrected for daylight in printing. Shot on Bolex.

This project was not finished on film.

Produced at Emerson College for VM578 Advanced Cinematography & Videography (professor: Pierre Desir).

Girl played by Emily Panic
Boy played by Johnny Slaughter

Song: "Holly Hop" by Buddy Holly.

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