This is a short film I worked on a few years back. Written and Directed by Gavin Kelly of it talks to four world of warcraft players about the parallels between their real and virtual lives. The Film was made as part of the Darklight film festivals "Four day movie" which meant that the film had to be written, shot, edited and post produced all within four days. As a result the film was shot digitally on Red and makes extensive use of motion capture to allow the volume of shots to be completed on time. The remaining shots were animated by Cormac Kelly and Will sharkey.

Directed by Gavin Kelly
Produced by David Burke
Production manager Marc Long
Director Of Photography Fergal O' Hanlon
Editors Paul Giles, Damien O' Connell
3D Animation Lead John O' Connell
3D Animation Will Sharkey, Cormac Kelly
RED Camera Kindly Supplied by "The Production Depot"
Music by Steve Lynch at StellarSound
Digital Transfer Technial Assistant Cathal McHugh
Compositing Arron Ingles, Declan MacErlane

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