3D Modeling and Texturing Reel 2010 - fishzombie.com

Reel Breakdown:

3D Models:

1) Medieval Soldier - Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop.

15th century Infantry - historically accurate clothing/armor and weapons. Well, the overcoat would most likely be made of leather as well - but I liked the fabric texture.

2) Lucky - Maya, Photoshop.

Low polygon (circa 12 K) in-game superhero character based on a personal design. Lucky's main power is seeing into the future. Her emblem is an inverted "7" = lightning strike.

3) Asha - Maya, Mental Ray, ZBrush, Photshop.

Portrait of a girl, rendered with SSS in Mental Ray.

4) Fishzombie - Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop.

Monster inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

5) Dracamel - Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox, Photoshop.

Fantasy creature based on the camel and wasp/dragonfly/dragon.

6) Female Figure - Maya.

Study of a female figure, done entirely in Maya.

7) Dog - Maya & ZBrush.

Study of dog anatomy.

8) Cat - Maya.

Stylized cat model.

9) Beetle - Maya.

Cartoon character.

10) Comics/2D Art and Sculpture - various media, including conte crayon, Photoshop/Maya, Roma Plastelina etc

*all visual elements on this reel were created by Fishzombie

Maya, Mental Ray, ZBrush, Photoshop, Mudbox & AfterEffects.

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