This is my follow-up to yesterday's Test Run, my first experience using the NEX-VG10 and subjecting it to a set of challenges vis-à-vis aliasing, rolling shutter, lens barrel distortion and shallow depth-of-field.

But the purpose of this video has nothing to do It's a test of the camcorder's built-in boom microphone, which is a stereo four-element spatial array driven by Dolby Digital Stereo Creator technology. (Given this freedom, I junked up the original video stream with Red Giant Looks to make the dynamic range and color "pop.") The recording mode is AVCHD at 24 Mbps. Playback here is at 1080p when the HD icon at the bottom-right of the frame is blue; if your Internet connection or graphics card is giving you trouble, toggle it off.

The sound environment I subjected it to was rather preposterous, sitting as I was right in front of the stage under mega-watt tower speakers with thumping subs and clipping horns. Considering that, I think the sound capture performed admirably, especially since -- on this camcorder -- automatic gain control is the only game in town. Let me know what you think.

The band is called Hume, the venue was the French Embassy, and the event was Sonic Circuits 2010 in Washington, D.C. For a full schedule of future performances, visit:

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