September has rolled around again and the changing seasons have had me thinking of footage I shot last year but never edited. That changed this weekend.

This freshly-edited video features people fishing on and along the Snohomish River on September 13, 2009.

Excitement was in the air as the Humpy Run was definitely underway. "Humpy" and "Humpback" are common nicknames for the Pink Salmon (the male salmon develop a humped back during the spawning migration).

This video was shot from the Avenue D / 99th Ave SE bridge and from vantage points within a 100 yards or so of the bridge. Opening scenes were shot in the morning. I returned in the early evening to shoot additional footage.
Harvey Field (airport) is just beyond the trees along the south side of this stretch of river. Seeing skydivers is quite common from this location, and you'll definitely see some in this video. You'll see a hot air balloon, too. And a few familiar landmarks.

BTW, one week later, I shot video of the Humpy Run on the Stillaguamish River in Silvana, Washington. I've just edited that video, too, and am also posting it, too.

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