I was trying to find some minimum depth of field shots to evaluate/demonstrate the lens's bokeh effects. Shot in aperture priority mode at the minimum DOF end, manual gain (0) and manual focus, AWB and standard "style".
In nearly all cases, I'm very close to the subject and at the maximum zoom (200mm on the kit lens), the closest focus and the f-stop is 5.6 or 6.3. Exception: the shot with the jogger is a wide shot at f 3.5.
Obviously, my rack focus technique needs work (or I need an assistant). I did use a tripod for most shots, but didn't have a wax marker with me (now added to my kit) to mark settings on the lens to pull focus from one to another. The shot that starts in the grass is nearly a full turn on the focus ring. I also note that my hand on the lens is quite "noisy" (I ducked it under the music, but it's still noticeable in one or two shots) -- if you are planning to make manual focus adjustments while recording I'd recommend using an external mic or dual system recording.
I think I'd also consider full manual mode next time, as some shots are overexposed.
The bee? Just got lucky. Slapdash edit in FCP. Uploaded in 1280 (sorry) the 1920 version is larger than the 500 Mb non plus members are allowed.
Comments, questions, suggestions are invited.

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