While I was the editor for Star Trek: Phoenix, this was my version of how the world was going to look color wise and it was loved. I was also the 2nd Unit Director and Producer (and other positions) for this shoot and over-all production. I'm posting it because the pilot is now released and this is my work and a technical reel. Plus, it's advertising for them in the long run.

While I was given no source material ideas for what was to be in the trailer and not so realistic expectations after I volunteered to do this trailer this is the product that emerged from my head. Thats the fun part of editing but its best to have all the source material and a final product in order to do a trailer or teaser. The rough cut originally was premiered for fans at the Fractured Logic premiere in Redmond back in October, 2009.

This unofficial trailer that I volunteered to do was well before any of the 3D graphics were made and before any voice-overs were recorded which did not get completed until Feb/March 2010. So this is what I had to work with believe me, it would have been so much easier and fun with it being completed! Mr. Gale Benning did the art work and I did the motion graphics with it.

This was up for final changes/approval on 11.2.09 until it was decided that all Romulan Agents (wood suits) were to be removed; however, in this change process, my editing software had eternal errors after this....even still. This version was compressed which gave the "stretch" look for quicker up/downloading.

I had spent nearly 200 hours going through footage that was not even organized for editing it as a pilot; rather, I did that just to make this trailer and colorizing it (which was a long process as well) and editing audio to fit the trailer and setting the mood. I had the approval from my friend composer Jeremy Soule to use for this trailer only as a friend.

I support ALL other Star Trek fan base series as well. Why? Because I LOVE Star Trek in all forms. I didn't work on Phoenix to gain filming experience but I learned many things; rather, I did it for the love of Sci-Fi. So here are the others:
Star Trek: Phase II
Star Trek: Excalibur
Star Trek: Hidden Frontier

DISCLAIMER - 1: I had the approval from my friend composer Jeremy Soule to use for this trailer only as a friend.

DISCLAIMER - 2: Star Trek: Phoenix is ONLY a fan based web-series and IS NOT and WILL NOT be a part of CBS or Paramount Studios.

"Star Trek: Phoenix is operated as a Non-For-Profit Fan Film. It is not a 501(C)(3) Organization. All personnel associated with the production are volunteers. Temporal Studios and it's affiliates do not profit from the release of this pilot episode or related material(s).

Star Trek®, Star Trek: The Next Generation®, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine®, Star Trek: Voyager®, Star Trek Enterprise®, and all associated marks and characters are registered trademarks of CBS/Paramount Television. All rights reserved.

The use of anything related to "Star Trek" is not meant to be an infringement on CBS/Paramount Television property rights to "Star Trek"

Thanks to CBS for allowing Star Trek Fan Films to operate in the Neutral Zone.

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