This is a mash-up video, done as pure fan-art, and is not intended for commercial purposes what-so-ever.

This is a political video. However, unlike most political videos, its actually fun to watch, and doesn't beat you with the point (I think). I've always loved The Rolling Stones, and I feel this is their best song. It is certainly appropriate for our times, now more than ever.

This was a really ambitious video for me. I've never edited anything in this style, and it took me over one year of trying (and failing) to finally get out of my own way and let the video be itself, and not my own avant-garde nonsense. In turn, I'm very pleased with the outcome. I thought it would be interesting to show some well known characters juxtaposed with real people to represent the theme of the video.

Those film buffs in the audience can have an extra level of enjoyment for this. "Dr. Strangelove is the devil? Look at him biting his own fist!" There are shots in this video that show what I feel is evil, there are shots that are there to elevate the intensity, there are shots for you to laugh at, and there are shots for you too look at with disgust and think "...those motherfuckers!"

I was originally going to name this video "We're all fucking fucked!", but decided it wasn't catchy enough.

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