Bio: i'm a visual artist based in Derry, Ireland. I studied sculpture and video at Belfast art college, university of Ulster.

synopsis: In my practice I employ varying visual media to construct video/audio, performance and sculpture installations that study themes of identity, senses of mental and physical positions and displacements that addresses our understanding of ownership and alienation in spaces and places. Living and growing up only minutes from the Irish border, it has been a constant influence on my practise and life. In the video ‘Borders’ I deconstruct the Irish border by physically creating the shifting of space. In ’Borders’ I dig up a square foot of Northern Ireland and transport it across the Irish border where I dig up a square foot of the Republic of Ireland and replace the one with the other. The audio of this piece is the Irish national anthem being played in reverse. In deconstructing and then reconstructing a small piece of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland ‘Borders’ addresses issues of ownership, liberation, imprisonment, identity, sacrifice, ideas of slippage, estrangement, familiarity, alienation, entitlement and distance.


2011 - Water Tower Art Festival-Underground Serdika- Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 - Modern Panic - Guerrilla Zoo Gallery,London

2011 - The Trans-Siberian Arts Centre - ‘New Works’ film
and video Exhibition - Moscow/Beijing

2011 - SITE fest - 3rd Ward Gallery - Brooklyn - New

2011 - The Trans-Siberian Arts Centre ‘Postcard
Exhibition’ - Moscow/Beijing

2010 - STOFF - Stockholm Fringe festival. ‘Borders’ -

2010 - Ulster arts festival, ‘Masked’ - Belfast. Ireland

2010 - Catalyst Gallery, ‘SHAMBLES’ - Belfast, Ireland

2009 - Catalyst Gallery, ‘Ye better get born some place
else - Belfast,Ireland

2008 - Outdoor installation - ‘Watch … It comes back’ -

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