Compressive/Percussive is a double-projector performance using two digital video projectors. The imagery is taken from a double-decker interstate freeway a few blocks from my current residence in Austin, Texas. At certain times of the day, this monstrous structure, which years ago laid waste to a thriving neighborhood and divided the city between the haves on the west and the have-nots on the east, comes alive with a mesmerizing interplay of light, shadow and rapidly moving vehicles.

The sequences are all randomly edited using a random sequence generator I developed for Final Cut Pro, with cuts between 4 and 10 frames in length.

During the performance, I will use the computer to pull the sequences together in real time, at times matching them up, and at times letting the images drift in relation to each other.

The sample here shows a possible iteration of the performance.

Compressive/Percussive is a meditative study of a monolithic urban structure that is both monstrous and beautiful.

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