As David Deida reminds us in The Way of the Superior Man:
"A man should hear his woman's complaints like warning bells, and then do his best to align his life with his truth and purpose. However, if he believes in the literal content of her complaint, he will immediately go off course, for the content reflects her present mood more than a careful observation of his tendencies over time. Her complaint should be valued as a reminder to 'get it together,' and perhaps as an indiciation as to how. But more often than not, the specifics of her complaint do not describe the real, underlying action or tendency that needs to be changed."

But what if they could just be direct for once? I wanted to see for myself.
Odwick Season Two, Episode Eight (of Ten)

Giorgia Bovo
Syrie Moskowitz
Dante Posh
Josh Ruben

Giorgia's Costume by Yozmit
Director of Photography - Vincent Peone
Camera Operator - Brendan H. Banks
Sound Recordist - Kurt Seery
Makeup by Jenna Levine
Audio Mastering by TJ Lipple
Music composed by Ludwig van Beethoven

Produced by RONENV.COM
Written, Directed and Post-produced by Jake Lodwick

Special Thanks:
Jordan Hall of Elefant Films
Adrian Nina
Molly Crabapple

Behind the scenes photos here:

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