UPDATED 10/2013 - Highly condensed and completely re-edited from scratch since the previous reel.
Footage from a selection of freelance work commissions and independent films, combining traditional and digital animation techniques.
Companies I have animated for include: Channel 4, CBBC, Channel Flip, A Productions, Plymptoons, Somethin' Else, Happy Hour Productions, Wonky Films, Jelly Penguin and New Impulse Media.

Shot breakdown:
0:10-0:12, 0:25-0:27, 0:49-0:51, 1:22-1:25: Stop motion assets/animation by Tine Kluth (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH), additional animation/compositing/chromakey/VFX by Ben Mitchell
0:16-0:19, 0:41-0:43: Exterior rain FX by Jonti Picking (Jelly Penguin), design and character animation by Ben Mitchell.
1:07-1:09 - Assets and compositing/FX by Katie Steed (Slurpy Studios), character animation by Ben Mitchell.
All other footage designed, animated and composited by Ben Mitchell.

More info at:

All footage 2008-2013 Ben Mitchell

Music ©2013 Ben Mitchell

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