Recently I was on a trip to Berlin, fooling around as a tourist, but I did have one plan: To visit Schneiders Buero (The largest store in Europe with showroom when it comes to modular synths and the more special filter/fx brands).

I had a good talk with the owner himself (Andreas Schneider) who has run the shop for more than 10 years. Before Schneiders Buero he was working with sales for Jomox.
He claimed that the store was the biggest of its kind in Europe and I have to admit that I’ve not seen so many modulars/drum machines/filters in a store showroom before (Here I’m talking about the more rare equipment). The best thing is that you can try all of it and the people working there are very helpful.

The store itself is quite hard to find and is placed in Kreutzberg (Berlin), but if you ever go there and have just a little interest in modular synthesis or rare filters/effects then you need to go to Schneiders Buero.

I made a little video (with sound from the pocket cam) and there are more pictures from my visit on our website – justastudio.

(Sorry for the English, but it’s not my native language)

Links: - pictures + video

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