This is the 4th of 4 very short films that I made for my CalArts MFA Thesis in graphic design. My thesis "4 Walks In Newhall: Exercises in Type & Film" explored how typography can add narrative complexity to a short film. I created 4 films based on the same story.

Film #4 "Internal" focuses on the character's internal monologue. I wanted to give it a flat graphic quality and to separate the character from his environment, so I shot it using paper cutouts and stop motion animation. The images and text are in separate spaces but are integrated through their shared materiality on the page. (2008)

Starring Jonah Olson.

If you would like to see my complete thesis presentation, which includes an introduction and interstitials about my process along with the 4 films, please go to my vimeo file called "4 Walks In Newhall: Exercises in Type & Film."

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