IAS workshop "Towards a cure": HIV reservoirs and strategies to control them
16&17 July 2010 - University of Vienna, Austria

17 July, 14:30-16:15
Session 5
What are Potential Therapeutic Interventions and How to Evaluate Them?

Christine Katlama, France
Alain Lafeuillade, France

The aim of this session is to define what kind of therapeutic strategies must be developed to specifically target HIV reservoirs and sanctuaries, and what the needed tools to assess their effect are. An overview will be given of what is currently in progress in terms of therapeutic trials. The potential of new compounds to move into clinical trials, like anti-latency drugs, will be discussed. The best time in the natural history of HIV disease to target reservoirs will also be addressed (i.e. acute or chronic infection). Finally, the session will review the virologic and pharmacologic tools currently available to assess therapeutic efficacy at the reservoir level. The limitations of these tests and the nature of the compartments to be tested will be discussed. This will help defining the primary end points of efficacy that could be used in therapeutic trials focusing on HIV reservoirs.

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