Deklun and Pace. Computer and Trumpet. After the Apocalypse.

13 Minutes.
Recorded Live in Portland, OR.

Spontaneous. Improvised. Live.
Never the same set.
We don't play music. We make it.

LAST NIGHT ON MUSIC ROAD: This video is from the live set "Music Road" and features raw music and imagery shot in Portland, Oregon. Features Deklun on the Computer and Pace on the Trumpet.


NOTE: Deklun and Pace destroyed their speakers in making this video. If you would like to make a donation to the duo - please contact them via any of the websites above.

SUGGESTION: If possible, don't listen to this through your computer speakers. Try to plug in external speakers or put on headphones. It would be hugely appreciated and you'll be thankful. If you have no alternatives then turn the volume way up and clear the room.

Deklun and Pace are two of the most talented people I know, and it was a great pleasure to make this video with them. People often describe the music with, "No words, you just have to hear it." I hope you are as transported with this video as much as I was in capturing it.

Kevin K. Shah

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